October 29th, 2001

dc - poison ivy

Introductions You'll Never Hear at Nationals, Part One

Ashley Davis was born in the wonderful state of Rhode Island, thus doubling the population. Then she left, and the population was cut in half. It was a tragic day for Rhode Island, but a wonderful day for the team. Ashley, a flamboyant Thespian, specializes in Middle Eastern politics, literature, theatre, and a bunch of crap that we don't know. Her goal for life, other than making her hair behave, is to be a drama teacher.

Kate Brantley wasn't born in Lebanon, but she's Lebanese, dangit! She's also a belly dancer... no, seriously. Kate has way too much to do and is also in serious need of sleep. Kate specializes in random knowledge, mythology, and literature. So far as anyone can tell, she doesn't aspire. She's probably going to end up taking over a small African country, being a translator, or spying.

Mark Sullivan was born. Far too intelligent for his own good, or anyone else's, Mark is a musical and mathematical prodigy. He plays trombone and piano and also composes [Editor's note: But he can't sing, ha ha ha ha ha.]. When it comes to Harvard or cafeteria food, he's bean there and done that. Mark covers all the math that no one else understands, music, and science. He aspires to world domination.

Hayley Smith was born in Meridian, Mississippi. If she still lived there, she could not only be on the Meridian High team, she could be the entire Meridian High team. Hayley is slowly but surely turning into Mark, but she can't decide if that's a good thing. She plays saxophone and piano and is a rather indifferent choral composer. She also sings and leads the women's madrigals (which sounds a lot more important than it really is). She frequently does things on impulse to prove that she's stranger that she seems. Hayley has watched every show ever produced by the History Channel and has forgotten more than she ever knew. She specializes in useless knowledge, math that everyone knows, having seizures when she thinks she knows things (which she usually doesn't), and really, really, really random knowledge. She also aspires to world domination.
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