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Beautiful, beautiful job yesterday, girls. I'm very proud.

St. Andrews will have an even smarter force to reckon with as soon as we play them again. I'm working on my intimidating, intellectual glare.

Whoever we are playing on Tuesday is about to get their academic asses kicked.
dc - poison ivy

Today's Headlines

Govermental Study: Tokyo Is Not a Country

Captain Can't Let Go of Past....But Let Go of Fence - from Becca, on trying to climb a fence to see us at Murrah

Montana Is Not a State Capital

Team Members Survive Murrah; No One Murdered

More news at 11 after "As the Buzzer Blinks"... Tonight, Marielle comes out of her coma... or does she?
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Yes, it's true. Yet another tecnologically challenged member of the Academic Competition team has found out how to work the community thingy!!! (and there was much rejoicing)
If Mrs. Isbell leaves me in charge of the team, we're gonna break it down...hmm...Baptist style ...no...hippie style...no...I know!!! RHODE ISLANDER STYLE!!!